15 August 2016

Inaction is not an option

I was looking through some things and found a little note I wrote a while back. I haven't been as active here as I should be, but I always keep two things in mind:

  1. You can't rush perfection.
  2. It happens when it happens.
So, I'd like to share this here on my little soapbox.

I know that there are evil things happening
and that everywhere people are suffering.
I feel so helpless at times because I can’t do anything, or what I can do seems to have no meaning or effect. And the things that I can do, those things that I do - they seem almost empty and meaningless in the face of what others are going through.
Inconsolable as these feelings may seem, and as powerless as I may be to console, I have to put the light somewhere; to begin right in front of me with my own little tangible actions so that I can cultivate it and make it grow. So that I can grow larger than my own darkness.
If I can’t do that - if I can’t focus on the here and now and what’s in front of me and try to put love and joy into these little, perhaps banal things,
then I will lose my mind to madness and my heart to darkness, and I will despair and sink to a place I don’t want to be in again.
 So please remember:

From the moment that you exist, you are always doing.
You do not have a choice in the matter. You can't choose to "do nothing."
But you do have options, so choose to make any little thing better instead of just watching everything get worse. Start small and persist.
You're either living life or watching it pass by, but you're never doing nothing.