04 September 2015

I am the Anti-Pope

A favorite little story of mine goes like this: 
After a period of meditation, a neophyte monk excitedly and proudly describes to his teacher a vision of the Buddha that he experienced while meditating. 
"Don't worry!" replied his teacher. "With more practice, he'll go away."

I'm more or less pro-God, but most definitely anti-religion. I don't see why the two should be mutually exclusive. Religious people themselves - whether Christian or Pagan or Scientologist or whatever - tend to stand as my reasoning for why I'm anti-religion.

But religion itself and all the aspects of it that I do not agree with are not sufficient proof that there is no god anywhere. The fact that I do not necessarily agree with any religion's conception of God does not stand as evidence that there is none to be found. Really, I find most of these depictions at least somewhat silly and I find myself frustrated when I read atheists making their case through these matchstick man depictions of deity. I think it shows an astounding lack of imagination.

I haven't been able to get rid of the idea of deity because, to me, saying that god doesn't exist is something akin to saying that I don't exist. This isn't a megalomaniacal statement of ego, but a proclamation of oneness which is within anyone's grasp.

Religion has taught me nothing about God or Goddess or deity. It's a type of con - it's all dressed up to seem like it's the place to go for such an experience; but it's just another institution of domesticated primates and as such, it is full of the same flaws that you'll find in every other social construct.

However, I won't go so far as to say that it's impossible to have that holy experience within that institution or that it's wholly absent from it. From a higher sort of perspective, one might just say that "everything is everything."

Anyway, that's just my own finding and the reasoning for my own preferences. So, don't go thinking that I'm saying "THIS is how it IS."
As usual, the idea I'm trying to express is more along the lines of "the map is not the territory (even if it's the only way you can understand the territory)."

What do all the founders of the great religions have in common? Other than some general ideas on compassion, etc.?

They all spent a period of time in solitude, praying or contemplating existence or whatever (how can we know, since they were in isolation?)
Then they came back and started talking to people about what they thought they knew.

So I say: if you want to know Deity, then forget religion.

Forget everything you've ever been told about it.
Forget everything you've ever been told about deity and how deity is or should be or what deity wants of you or what you should do for deity.
Put the books away.
Forget it all.
Forget everything.

Sit down
Shut up
Close your eyes
Do whatever you have to do to be still in body and mind and soul
Start at zero.

Safety not guaranteed. God not guaranteed.

But regardless, try to be a decent human being and live in harmony with everything and everyone around you. IN SPITE of God if you have to. You are no more or less special than anyone else whether you shine shoes or rule an empire or have a fancy hat and matching robe and slippers.

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