04 September 2015

I am the Anti-Pope

A favorite little story of mine goes like this: 
After a period of meditation, a neophyte monk excitedly and proudly describes to his teacher a vision of the Buddha that he experienced while meditating. 
"Don't worry!" replied his teacher. "With more practice, he'll go away."

29 July 2015

Talking to Myself on a Winter Evening

I wake every morning fighting consciousness. Leave me in the womb of sleep, I do not wish to be born this day or any day. My first breath is a scream of rage at the cold, my crusted eyes blinded by the pale light of the new winter sun.

22 February 2015

Couple of Random Half-Thoughts Waiting Completion

Observation is the most important skill, and it's really what separates humans from animals. Although I often like to think of a further distinction between humans and "domesticated primates" because some humans are still animals. And I say that without wanting to offend animals. I mean that their behaviors and thought processes are determined more by their mammalian instinct and biological (as well as social) emotional-psychological programming than it is by freedom of choice or the expression of spirit (however, I hold that the desire and ability to express one's spirit is biologically present. I also maintain that the expression of one's soul is freedom and therefore free-will).
"Seeing" is often equated with "knowing."
I can see clearly now.
I see what you're up to.
I saw the light.

Observation is tantamount to awareness.
Awareness is tantamount to control of both oneself and one's situation.
If knowledge is power, observation is the means to power. But there are two basic tools: the wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens. If you keep looking, eventually they both show the same thing. But don't stop looking.


Women have been subjugated and objectified by men because women are stronger and smarter than men.
A clever man finds a way to make his own weaknesses into strengths and the strengths of his rival into weaknesses.
Man's greatest weakness is woman. But within man lies an animal instinct of territoriality - he must be the one on top. We take away woman's sexual power by objectifying their bodies and negating their minds - minds that are much faster at making connections and processing emotions (of both self and others).
With time, women will come around again and "femininity" won't be equated with "weakness."