17 May 2014

Surrender Anyway

You've surely heard the phrase "let go, let God" at some point. Maybe you really believe in it. Maybe you think it's bullshit. But I'll tell you this: surrender anyway. You don't need to be a believer.

I've been going through a rough time myself lately, so I'll use that as an example. 

Everyone can feel a little bit lost sometimes. From time to time, everyone feels the pangs of regret, loneliness, grief, anger, and depression. Some people have a more difficult time pulling themselves out of the quagmire than others. Maybe it's a trick of memory or the ability to easily change of perspective, but some people just never seem to get bummed out for too long.

I'm not one of those people.

For me, it usually requires an extreme force of will - which, despite good intentions and a reasonable chance of success, I usually drive straight into the brick wall of futility.

Lying there broken on the ground, all I can do is open my eyes and breathe. Maybe this time I'm looking at an ant walking between blades of grass, or the light of some distant star, I'm listening to the wind rustle through a nearby hedge. 

I'm alive, but there's no hope of moving. No hope of changing the situation. I'm broken, bleeding, and helpless. I'm thinking of all the things that I've done that lead me to this point. I'm wondering how I got here. And I realize that most of it had nothing to do with me at all.

Everything I've learned and every thought I've ever had was not possible without the rest of the world - all the beauty and all of the ugliness. My grandparents meeting, the Irish potato famine, Napoleon, Jimi Hendrix, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - all these things played a part in the making of me and my ending up as I am now. I wouldn't be here without them. All these people and events through time.

All of the history of the Universe has lead to me being right here, right now. But not just me - you, everyone, every rock and tree and bird - everything that exists.

However the Universe came into being, from that point all of Existence has moved to create this RIGHT NOW.

To me, it's a beautiful and comforting thought. For whatever may become of the Universe, I am within it; and all of this, whatever this is I may be experiencing, is necessary for that becoming.

It doesn't matter what could have been or should have been or what might be. It doesn't matter if everything was designed to be this way or if it's all coincidence - because no matter what, it simply IS

It doesn't matter if I planned it, or if I feel that it just happened to me, or if I'm suffering the consequences of a poor decision. Try as I might, the final result of my actions depends on many elements beyond my control. 

I'm not telling you to give up by any means. I'm telling you that all anyone can do is release an intention through an appropriate means, and hope that the movement of the rest of the Universe pushes that intention to develop. The result, whatever that may be, is the culmination of the entirety of Existence. Every particle that exists plays a role.

Do everything that you can, but surrender anyway.

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