10 September 2012

Why Is It Necessary to Demystify the Mystical?

Let me begin by stating that this is a very incomplete thought. I typed the following words one night after staying awake much longer than I should have (a habit I have held longer than I can remember). Tonight, pain in my back makes comfort and sleep difficult, so I am currently awake at a time much later than I should be (I'm supposed to be waking up in about 4 hours).

But I've got a few things running through the back of my head - in an area of my mind of which I am conscious, but can not pull into consciousness. Somewhere behind the constant hum and chatter of my thoughts lie the machinery that creates those thoughts and its operator. When I attempt to pull the operator out of his work station - so that he may better discuss his work and the equipment at his disposal, to explain the inner workings and the mystery of it all - all I get are the hum and chatter which are the result of his operations. He speaks only when I am not awake, yet I can not share his words while I am asleep.