16 March 2012

And Justice For All: Santorum's Dogma Has No Place in U.S. Politics

Why is it that Fox News is always talking about the "Liberal Media" as if Fox News is both bipartisan and not part of the Media? It doesn't make sense.

Not to rant about Rick Santorum, but here is the very reason I sincerely hope that his (and anyone else of like mind) political career ends soon: the very fact that his platform includes the religious, "moral" agenda of preventing gay marriage.

I know that so far, I've talked a lot about civil issues relating to homosexuality, but the fact that homosexuality and the issue of homosexuals' rights regarding marriage - or anything else that they do - is both perplexing and troubling to me. It just doesn't make sense.

For instance - the Constitution proclaims that our government will not make any law respecting any religion. We can not regulate legal marriages based on a personal preference. The various religions can, however, regulate marriages based on religious law. But a religion has NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to regulate a union that falls outside the bounds of that religion's law (which extends only to those people who follow that religion). A church can excommunicate or otherwise disavow or disapprove same-sex couples wishing to be married, but it has no legal right to mandate legal marital laws for the citizens of this country. Define marriage however you want - no morality has the right to deny two people of being recognized as a joined couple for legal purposes.

Further, for the laws of the country to recognize the validity of a religious teaching on morality, would be to set the precedent for the Constitution to be altered to fit the moral dogma of any religion. When we cross that line, we are taking a step away from Democracy and opening the door for all of the evils from which we seem to be convinced we are liberating people in other countries.

Here is a bit of morality for Santorum: every individual is different, but every individual is capable of love, integrity, morality. We have no legal  or ethical right to deny another human being the freedom to express these characteristics in the way that they choose...so long as they are not getting in the way of another individual's rights to do the same. That is a morality that transcends religious dogma and adheres to the Spirit in which this great nation was founded. That Spirit itself is the Constitution of the USA, anything opposing it is not American, and I, for one, want an American to be President.